Who we are

The Investment Capital for Blockchain & Decentralized Technology.

The future of blockchain & decentralized economy is finally here.

MetaGlobe, our commitment is to develop a better, open and decentralized economy to improve and impact some of the most brilliant minds and teams around the globe.

We are a guiding principle driven firm that invests in high potential and innovative blockchain ideas, decentralized based projects and crypto tokens that are reshaping the way how we work, live and play in this trillion dollar economy with our insights, network and expertise.

As Vitalik said it on point that digital currency ecosystem has the potential to transform the lives of billions of people, but we have only just scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Hence why we are utterly passionate to build this ecosystem and growing with promising early stage companies that have the team and ideas that able to shape this space forward in a purposeful and positive approach.

As a crypto native portfolio, we actively participate in networks via staking, trading & compelling projects that have gained some traction and practical ready to go market strategies roadmap. We are hands on investors, which means we will do everything within our power to deliver the success of our companies portfolio.

Our investment guiding principle is rather straightforward as we are always in the lookout for strong management team, project scalability and functionality and business model strength.

Core Values

Our fundamental beliefs


Our mission is to grow, build, accelerate and support to develop a better financial system in today’s digital open economy. Our GROWTH is derived from the outstanding portfolio results that we work with the brightest teams who share similar guiding principles as us. When our portfolio of companies grow significantly, we know we’re a step away to make this globe a better open decentralized economy.


We know and understand that blockchain is the future to impact billions of people’s lives, transforming how economy is run and disrupting how businesses are evolving at a very fast pace. As this technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping a better future for everyone, we strive in becoming the LEGACY to improve human’s livelihood.


We believe that managing and investing money on behalf of others require the highest degree of transparency and OPENNESS level. We take this responsibility very seriously and communicate this ethos regularly to our investors and companies portfolio as we commit in becoming the forefront of investment catalyst in this growing revolutionary industry.


We love seeing BREAKTHROUGHs! We are always in the lookout for brilliant, relentless and personable winning teams that have the ambition and grit to develop the next big idea in this globe to break the greatest in the work they are doing. When we see teams like this, we are passionate to support and grow them into a billion dollar company.


We EMPOWER our portfolio partners to work independently on their promising ideas without interfering their day to day operation. We don’t only support in funding but we would rather want to be key as ‘networking machine’, the pivotal core to connect our portfolio partners to other external partners to develop strategic partnership as we believe in ‘No Man is an Island’ and should be just one sided in today’s business landscape.


Our areas of interest


Open, distributed ledgers and permissionless, censorship resistant, trust minimised computation are redefining mega sectors of global economy.

Digital Works

Disruptive digital adoption ideas that are about to transform the way how human live, work and play.

NFT Marketplace

The next frontier idea to discover, buy and sell digital assets within a single platform and touch.


Passive income generating strategy through an innovative protocol such as POS (Proof of Stake), to acquire and hold the right amount of token for a certain period.


Buying and selling digital currencies to unlock the highest profit in cryptocurrency.

Game Guilds

Unlocking wealth through play to earn games and building community of players to dominate the world of metaverse.


Projects we've invested

Ethereum 2.0
SSV Network
Octopus Network
UniqueOne Network
Wonder Hero
Axie Infinity
Star Atlas


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